Choose the best brand in the automotive industry: The original supplier of VVT solenoid and cam phaser.

Fulgid can provide quality after-sales service. Our success is not only reflected in the excellent product quality, but also in providing partners with better auto parts, excellent service and fast response speed.

Facing the future, the world's major auto manufacturers are facing their needs for breakthroughs in green, environmental protection, emissions compliance, and fuel economy. Fulgid will be their smart choice. As the world's leading supplier of VVT solenoid and cam phaser, Fulgid is committed to new technology development and innovation, supporting the automotive industry to develop future-oriented vehicles. The aftermarket is also very important to us.

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VVT solenoid


The VVT solenoid is an electronically controlled hydraulic valve that directs and regulates the flow of oil through the camshaft phaser.

Cam phaser


The cam phaser is a device that improves engine performance in terms of operation and efficiency.

Fulgid brand

As a partner in the automotive industry, Fulgid focuses on three major areas: automotive engines, automatic transmissions and new energy vehicles. It is the leading supplier of high-end automotive VVT solenoid and cam phaser.